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Little Eden, the society for the care of mentally challenged adults and children is an organisation that has been in existence for 50 years. Their mission is to care for, develop and enhance the quality of life of persons with intellectual disabilities of all races and creeds, by providing love, understanding and physical care.

Most of Little Eden’s residents come from indigent families who are unable to support them financially or otherwise. Many of the children have been abandoned or neglected when their families are unable to care for them. A large number of residents are in specially adapted wheelchairs and are dependent on their care givers for the activities of daily living, such as being, bathed, dressed and fed.

The SRTC decided to provide two sponsorships to this organisation during the review period, namely the financial support and care of one of its children, Jobekazi for a calendar year, and the replacement and upgrade of the boiler for the facility at the Edenvale Centre.

Jobekazi is a 9 year old girl with severe disability challenges, but through the dedication of the Little Eden staff has excellent support, love, kindness and stimulation, which adds substantial value to her life experience.

The boiler facility processes 2500 nappies and 3 tons of laundry each day and is vital to the wellbeing of all the centres residents.

In addition the boiler provides both bath water and hydrotherapy treatments for all 180 residents each day.

This facility was also is in need of a major upgrade, which the SRTC approved. The value of the total sponsorship given to Little Eden during this review period was R280 000.


Social and Community Initiatives

Little Eden

After the successful completion of our projects with the Stop Hunger Now and Smile Foundations, the Board gave approval for an increased budget of R300 000 for the current year. Various projects were examined by the Social and Ethics Committee with a decision being made to support a single beneficiary during 2016, but again with an emphasis on children.

The following project was identified and approved by the Board, namely:

• Little Eden, the Society for the care of

  persons with mental handicaps.

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