Shareholders Diary

Financial year end 30 June 2018
Release of audited results on SENS 12 September 2018
Despatch of annual report 5 October 2018
Annual general meeting 8 November 2018
Release of unaudited interim results 31 December 2017 on or about 22 March 2019
Dividend 58 payment 1 October 2018
Dividend 2018 Declared Paid
Interim – Dividend no 57 12 March 2018 9 April 2018
Final – Dividend no 58 6 September 2018 1 October 2018


Successful right offer completed in market to raise additional capital for the expansion of the Groups property portfolio

Diversification into the North West and Mpumalanga provinces with acquisitions of commercial and retail properties.



Group approached and made a share price offer to major minorities with a view of delisting the Group. Offer later withdrawn as negotiations unsuccessful

Sale of Selby property for a record price of R65 million

Acquisition of 100% holding in subsidiary holding investment in Secunda Value Mart

Additional 20% acquired in investment in Corridor Hill increasing holding to 50%.

First Special Dividend declared to shareholders of 89 cents. Total distribution for year 106 cents per share

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