Putprop Limited operates a portfolio of properties with strong contractual cash flows created to achieve long term sustainability and capital appreciation for all its Stakeholders.

The group listed in the Real Estate Investment Trusts sector on the JSE Limited on
4 July 1988. Putprop’s current property portfolio is spread across the office, retail and industrial sectors in line with the Group's strategic objectives. At listing in 1988, the Group had 21 properties with a total asset value of R 101 million  and a market capitalisation of R18,5 million. This has grown to 16 properties with a total value of R315.2 million and a market capitalisation of R216 million at 30 June 2014. From a listing price of 500 cents per ordinary share have increased in value by 199, 2% as at 30 June 2014, when the price closed at 735 cents. Net Asset value was 1 363 cents per share at 30 June 2014.

In order to sustain and enhance its distribution growth for our Shareholders, the group has an ongoing focus on strengthening the quality of its property portfolio, through acquisitions and disposals as well as refurbishments, upgrades and redevelopment of specific properties. All investment decisions are underpinned by Putprop's stringent investment criteria to ensure that yields are optimised.

At present Putprop does not make use of gearing in its property acquisitions.


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